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  • Family Plaque - Up to 6 Characters
    Family Plaque - Up to 6 Characters

    Family Plaque - Up to 6 Characters

    RRP: £35.00
    PRICE: £35.00

    Product Information:

    Our ceramic Family plaques have become a very important part of the bespoke range that we offer. Made to order you can choose the characters you'd like to add to the plaque and the colours in which it is glazed.

    The characters you can choose from are;

    Man, Lady, Boy, Baby, Girl, Grandad, Grandma, Dog, Cat, Rabbit & Chicken

    The house shown on the examples comes as standard on all plaques and also included is the family name.

    Upon receipt of your order we will email you to ask for the information needed, we will need the following details;

    *Family Name

    *Characters in the order you'd like them from left to right

    *Hair and dress colour for any female characters

    *Colour for the family name wording and the house

    *Colour for any pets - We try and match the pets as best as we can however we are unable to use black ink so will use a dark brown.

    We know that sometimes our emails can go into your Spam folder so could we ask that you check this from time to time in case our request falls into this folder, thank you.

    Please note that our plaques take up to 4 weeks to complete.

    Any questions please email us at