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    Heart BuntingHeart Bunting
    Heart BuntingHeart Bunting
    Heart BuntingHeart Bunting
    Heart BuntingHeart Bunting
    Heart BuntingHeart Bunting

    Heart Bunting

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    Product Information:

    Our bestselling product wherever we go, our bunting makes a wonderful gift for children and adults, simply let us know the name you’d like and choose a colour theme and we will put it together and send it out for you.

    The themes available are

    * Coloured Allsorts - A mix of Purple, Dusky Pink, Turquoise, Grey and Light Pink

    * Dusky Pink Sherbert - A mix of Dusky Pink and Turquoise

    * Purple & Pale Pink Candy - A mix of Purple and Pale Pink

    * Grey & Purple Dream - A mix of Grey and Purple

    * Your Choice - If you choose this option we will email you for the colours that you would like to use - If you choose colours not in our range we are happy to make you letters specific to your requirements, we will just need a couple of weeks for us to make them for you.

    The letters are £4.50 each and the decorative bunting ends are £5 each, simply choose the number of letters for the name that you would like and what if any bunting ends you would like.

    We are having a sale of some of our bunting ends so you will note that some of them are for sale at only £3 each.

    The decorative ends have been glazed in the same 6 colours that we use for the bunting letters so any character you use will be chosen with the colours in mind for the name you have requested.

    If you don’t like the themes available please email us at and let us know the colours you’d like.